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Aug 02, 2022
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The other problem is that SEO flies under the radar and rarely features in boardroom discussions because it doesn’t command the huge media budgets of areas such as paid search and display advertising. There is also an opportunity for SEO to deliver a fundamental understanding of today’s digital audiences and their online triggers, making it the perfect start point for digital marketing leaders to make a whole host of important decisions. The workload like this whatsapp number list allows both the vendor and the affiliate to focus on. Clicks are the number of clicks coming to your website’s URL from organic search results. I believe data from search is possibly the biggest untapped source of strategic market information. Think about it like this: when people search, it’s a clear active expression of their demand – whether they’re researching a product they eventually hope to buy, or just finding information. Which means, if you aggregate and analyse all the searches related to your market, you can answer questions about the size and dynamics of market demand, how that varies regionally and seasonally, as well as identifying changes in customer behaviour and customer pain-points. You can also learn more about your competitors and important aspects of their marketing by analysing their search and content strategies. Search provides a huge, accessible, constantly updated data set that can provide important strategic insights for marketers. Companies just aren’t using it enough yet. With Google rolling out updates that do more and more of the “work” in surfacing the right content in response to a search query, where does that leave search marketers? Is there still a need for human involvement? Google and the other search engines have gradually fine-tuned their algorithms to the point where many of the go-to techniques that SEOs traditionally relied on to improve search visibility are no longer as effective. Improving your search performance today starts with building an in-depth understanding of your customer and your market. With this you can develop online content that answers people’s search queries better than anyone else at each stage of the buyer journey. And if you can do that, Google is much more likely to display your content ahead of others. Technology solutions can play an important role by providing data to help you get to grips with the types of content your customers are looking for and providing clues on how best to optimise to make it appealing and helpful. There are also tools that can pinpoint and automate routine technical fixes. And increasingly AI can support automated content creation. But I don’t believe we’re close to the day where you can totally do without human involvement. Your content needs to be head and shoulders above your competitors and that’s only likely if you involve the judgement and expertise of human content marketers and creators.
We need to focus on that ROI content media
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