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Just Be There!

Meet VRealizer™

The workout experience that erases the line between fantasy and reality.

  • Say goodbye to your boring workout!

  • VRealizer will take you to explore exotic planets, climb mount Everest, crash through a dense jungle, or fight zombies and aliens in realistic settings—in the comfort of your own home, while you get in shape.

  • VRealizer will make you feel like you are actually there—an immersive mind and body experience. With comfortable body suspension and the proprietary Zero Gravity algorithm, you will find it easy to perform the motions, at your own level.  The precision-sensors and ten synchronous motions of VRealizer create the physical sensations of your adventure, using your senses of touch and body position, as well as sight and sound.

But taking fitness and gaming to the next level is just the beginning! 

VRealizer can also be used as a unique rehabilitation tool for people with physical and neurological disorders such as severe obesity, muscular degeneration and cerebral palsy, as well as for those recovering after accidents or stroke, helping them to regain muscle motion and control.

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